Attempting to sell and Accepting Payments

Attempting to sell and Accepting Payments

Accepting Re Payments From Purchasers for Goods and Solutions

Getting individual repayments

If you are using your PayPal account to get repayments when it comes to sale of products or solutions or accept donations, you need to:

  • Spend any relevant costs for getting the funds.
  • Perhaps perhaps maybe Not pose a question to your customer to deliver you cash utilizing the “send cash to buddy or member of the family.” Should you therefore, PayPal may remove your PayPal account’s ability to simply accept re re payments from buddies or relatives.

By integrating into the online checkout/platform any functionality designed to allow a payer without having a PayPal account to deliver a repayment to your PayPal account, you consent to all further terms of good use of this functionality which PayPal could make open to you on any web page regarding the PayPal or Braintree site (including any page for designers and our Legal Agreements web page) or online platform. Such terms that are further the PayPal Alternative Payment practices Agreement.

No surcharges

You agree that you will perhaps maybe not impose a surcharge or other cost for accepting PayPal being a re re payment method. You might charge a control cost relating to the purchase of products or solutions so long as the management cost will not operate as a surcharge and is perhaps perhaps maybe not greater than the management cost you charge for non-PayPal deals.

Presentation of PayPal and spend with Venmo

You need to treat PayPal and/or Venmo as re re payment techniques or markings at the very least on par with just about any re re payment methods offered by your points of purchase where PayPal or Venmo branded solutions are incorporated, as well as your internet sites or applications that are mobile. This can include at the least equal or better: logo design positioning, place within any point of purchase, and therapy when it comes to re payment movement, terms, conditions, limitations, and costs, in each instance when compared with other markings and re re payment practices at your points of purchase. Further, you must certainly not provide any re payment mark or method upstream (or at a youthful part of the checkout experience) through the presentment of PayPal or Venmo solutions or markings.

In representations to your web visitors or perhaps in general general public communications, you mustn’t mischaracterize any PayPal or Venmo services or display a choice for any other re re payment practices over PayPal or Venmo solutions. Within all your points of purchase, you agree not to ever attempt to dissuade or inhibit your web visitors from utilizing PayPal or Venmo services or enable the consumer to make use of a payment method that is alternate. With PayPal or Venmo, whenever you display or exhibit the payment methods that you accept (either within any point of sale or in your marketing materials, advertising, and other customer communications) you agree to display the PayPal or Venmo services payment marks at least as prominently, and in at least as positive a manner, as you do for all other payment methods if you enable your customers to pay you.

Fees and information reporting

Our charges usually do not add any fees, levies, duties or comparable governmental assessments of any nature, including, for instance, value-added, product sales, withholding or use fees, assessable by any jurisdiction (collectively, “taxes”). It really is your obligation to find out just what, avant loans hours if any, fees connect with the payments you make or enjoy, which is solely your obligation to evaluate, gather, report and remit the proper fees towards the appropriate authority. PayPal isn’t accountable for determining whether any taxes connect with your deal, or for calculating, collecting, reporting or remitting fees arising from any transaction.

You acknowledge that individuals can make specific reports to income tax authorities regarding deals that people procedure. The total amount of payments for goods and services you receive each calendar year into all of your PayPal accounts associated with the same tax identification number if you receive more than $20,000 in payments for good and services and process more than 200 transactions involving goods or services through those PayPal accounts in the same calendar year for example, PayPal is required to report to the Internal Revenue Service.

Your customer care information, refunds and returns policy, and privacy

You need to publish customer support information with clear directions as to how your visitors can contact you. Such guidelines must add at the very least: (1) one active customer support current email address or active customer support Address to register seats for support and/or (2) one customer service telephone number that is active. Such information should be easily available for review by the clients.

A refunds must be published by you and returns policy.

You have to publish a privacy policy, where needed for legal reasons.

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